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EEK-these varmin!


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Okay, not sure where to put this but needed to share my varmin story...

Have gotten it in my head that I should look to buy a house maybe so went looking this evening. Last house I was in was huge, and the yard was incredibly huge and beautiful, looked like a park in the back with fountains, concrete patios, gardens, trees, lots and lots of landscaping. Very Great Gatsbyish (Okay, as Great Gatsbyish as you're going to get in a small town in Oklahoma!). Anyway, the house was somewhat in disrepair but it could be workable with some fixin up- it had like 3 baths, 5 bedrooms. The whole thing is $30,000.00 (gotta love Oklahoma - on Long Island it would've been at least $200,000 most likely more for the land alone!!) :D

Okay, the only trouble is when I came out and got in the car, my legs were covered with varmin - fleassssssss :shock: !! This is like the 3rd time in my life that I have looked at a house and been hijacked by these varmin. Anyway, anyone else have any similiar horror stories and are fleas considered varmin? (I admit, I'm not from here, I don't know the varmin specs).

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Yes, I have a flea story. When my husband finished graduate school we moved - with our 2 and 8/9ths children to San Diego. We rented a house that seemed fine, but within a week we all (except for 8/9ths) were itching and scratching. My solution probably wouldn't be considered environmentally acceptable now, but I sprayed the whole, nearly empty house with bug spray. Then vacuumed. What a gross experience.


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I think I'm going to move to Oklahoma if I can get a house like that for $30K. Hey...I could sell my house in Florida, make money off the sale and pay for one heck of an exterminator to come in and wipe out those nasty fleas!!!

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Oh My!!

Ann, you're in luck, this house has a basement (so there, Muriel, you are such a snob :P!). Of course, no guaranteeing what lives in it. Actually, come to think of it, a tornado might be the best thing for that house. :shock:

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