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Ok so is insomnia....


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Cause it's driving me nuts!!! I know all the 'sleep better' tricks. It just ain't happening over here. Usually just starts with me feel 'wired' after I lay down and then the replay button gets hit and I'm thinking. It's been especially bad since Bob's decline started, and now that he's gone. Made me think a lot about Mom.

Might not be entirely grief-related, but I think that has a hand in it.

Really, I just wanted to vent (here at 12:18 a.m.)

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Hey Val,

It's 6:24 am here and I've been up since 3:30 (of course, in my case the cat jumped on my head). Maybe we should have had ourselves a tea party? :D

I'm sorry that you haven't been sleeping well. I just wanted to send my thoughts and prayers for a better sleep tonight!


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Just a hug, dear.

Read from the Rabbi's Heartbeat by our friend, Brennan.

Tell me if you don't have a copy................I will fix that ASAP.

Much much love


(I struggle w/ this, as well...............Brennan's gentle message helps.)

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Val, I think Katie and I have been sufferinf from insomnia for about the same length of time now. Mine all started when Dennis was ill. I "taught" myself to sleep very lightly, so that I could hear any move he might make. Then, as things progressed, I would stay awake and look at his face, trying to memorize every detail. Then, after he was gone, it was not being able to sleep at all. This continues. I can fall sound asleep on the sofa, while trying my best to stay awake to finish a program. Then, when I go to bed, I find myself wide awake. So....I keep my little Ambien pills in the medicine cabinet so that I can sleep at night and be able to work the next day. I do know that I had to move the clock to an area of the bedroom where I couldn't see it. I would see every hour pass and get more nervous with each passing hour, as I realized I had to have some rest in order to function at work. Hope this gets better for you!

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Hi Val,

I too suffer from insomnia... I did after my dad was killed and now again since mom died. I wake up about 1 am and lay there, sometimes its peacuful and other times I feel restless and panicky so I get up and fold laundry or whatever. I can ussually go back to sleep later (after 3 or 4 hours)get up and get Chris and the kids ready for the day. I asked my dr for Ambien (I tool it when dad died) and I am still waiting to hear back on that. It makes you sleep after about 5 minutes (you dont feel drugged though) and wake up about 6-7 hours later with no after effects.

A few times I have jsut prayed before I went to bed... Please God let help me sleep tonight. It worked only once but heck, why not give it a try ;0)



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I am in this club as well! All started after our fire and continues to be a problem. Of course, we also have a cat that gets really irritated if we even think about sleeping in. He will nudge us until we get up and as soon as we do..it's back to bed for him! Craziest thing I've ever seen.


A *sleepy* Libby

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"Wired", yes good word. I feel so anxious like I'm going to fly apart. I feel everything in my life is out of control and I can't handle any of it. It seems that then I start reliving the last day of Mike's life with all the other hard moments and heartbreaking times thrown in. The tears pour out of my eyes and I try to escape . It's horrible and it comes out of nowhere. I then sleep a while and wake either having a nightmare or just unsettled and restless. This goes on all night long on most nights. None of this is comforting except for the fact that we know we aren't alone in these feelings. God Bless you, Val. Hope it gets better for you soon.



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Toss another insomiac on the fire, I guess...'cause I've dealt with it for about the past 9 years. Yes, NINE! LOL Mine started with the loss of my first daugther and I've never been able to remedy it yet. (I'm SO glad most of you have been able to find something to work!)

I tried Ambien, Lunesta, and Sonata...none worked even after my doctor told me to double the "normal" dose. Three hours later I was still sitting up wondering why that few minutes until it kicked in was taking so long! :shock:

The good news? I'm living proof that you can survive with insomnia. The bad news? *I'M* proof you can live with insomnia. :lol::lol:

Sure hope you find a way to get some sleep, Val...I konw it's a horribly rough time right now and you're WAY stressed. Keep using the remedies and talk to your doctor about trying a prescription aid for a little while to "reset" or at least to get some much needed rest.

Great big hugs to you and much love,

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