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Getting to Know You - May 26


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I would have to say that I learn best by watching and doing. I'm one of those people that have a terrible time reading directions and being able to follow them. It's also really hard for me to pick up on things by being told how to do them and not being shown. I think I have a disability that makes me lose part of the thought process between reading and doing.

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Well, if I were in school today I DEFINITELY would be dx with a learning disability for sure! I must make use of EVERY possible means available to learn anything new. You don't even want to hear from Fred about my ability to learn anything technical. For that................there aren't enough learning styles available :roll: !


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I've heard that some people learn by reading and some people learn by seeing, but others just have to pee on the electric fence to learn not to do it in the future....

I learn best by my mistakes - the more embarassing the mistake, the more likely the lesson is to stay at the front of my feeble brain.

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