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cindi o'h

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Taylor is from Birmingham, Al...I live about 40 miles from there and was pulling for him big time. Only thing was I really thought it would be between Taylor and Chris. I have never watched a whole season before but got hooked this year. Hometown boy made good. :lol:


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Roger and I were cheering for "Pic" Pickler. She is from a small town about 30 minutes south of me! Chris Lives 15 minutes east of me!! :)

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Oh, Kellie was my absolute favorite personality. I would like to adopt that little thing.

Chris' leave was a real shock, for all I think.

Little miss Paris is from Mpls. area. What a dynamo voice in a teenie package.

Ace was not my favorite. He 'bothered' me.

Elliott. I liked him more after learning about all of his health difficulties and overcoming them to excel. Deaf in one ear. Type I Diabetes. Ortho dream come true, he is.

It was the last show, the two hour long program, that I became mezmerized with the quality of entertainment, the performances, and the production of the flow.

Now we have to wait another year. How can this season be topped, I wonder?

The South shall rise again!

Cindi o'h

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