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dchurchi- New pic


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from "dchurchi":

Every year St. Joseph's Hospital puts on a fashion show called Circles of Life. All money raised goes to the new Comprehensive Cancer Center due to break ground this summer (87,000 square feet). I was on this year committee, very exciting for me, but the most exciting part is that all the models in the fashion show are cancer patients/survivors and Alan was one of this years models. I took a walk down the runway with him as his significant support person. It was the most amazing day. Alan's dr. was the Honorary Chair and was like a proud father every time Alan walked down the runway.

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Katie...thanks so very much for posting this pic for Debbie. After seeing this pic, I encouraged Deb to have you post it! Don't they make a great looking couple? Now...for the secrets...this is the first time Deb has worn a dress in ages!!! Who would have thought???? I think she needs to do this much more often!!!

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I think she looks beautiful in a dress and her hair looks great too! Not to mention Alan on her arm swaggering down like models do! LOL :wink:

It's a great picture. having it as an avatar just didn't do it justice so I blew it up and made a post so everyone could see it!!

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I am struggling so with my weight and eating for comfort.............Deb, if you lived even 10 miles closer to me I would hound you till you agreed to be my personnal trainer.

You are beautiful and Alan looks amazing.

I love the pic.


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You Look MAH'VELLOUS Dahling. :D That is s great to do that. You guys do look so smashing out there on the runway. 8)8)

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