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CharlieD Update - WBR X 15 Complete


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Wow, talk about gettin a butt whipping. Severe fatigue much worse than any of the Chemo I've had. Radiation burns on the head, sores in the mouth and throat and numbness in the left hand and arm. However, when you look at the big picture, this is only a rough spot in the long winding road to kickin this monsters butt.

Docs say it will take a couple weeks to get my strength back. Better be cause bass season opens in three weeks and I know even God Almighty wouldn't want me to miss it.

Got an MRI in a month to see if it worked. They seemed rather confident that it had, so here's a hopin and a prayin.

God Bless


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Hi Charlie.

So glad that you are through with this bout of nastiness. Rest up there, fella! Be a good boy and let yourself mend. Sorry you got a can of whoop *ss emptied on you... but, whatever it takes. Right, Charlie?

Got a minnow bucket waiting for you at Cindi's Pub! Join us in a toast to Toast!


Cindi o'h

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