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revolving door morality - one patient comes in the front door and another patient must exit the back door to make room . statistics rule in there world and if a patient out lives the stats whats there to cry about. this is the latest tune being played by more and more drs and nurses especialy about stage 4 ca patients like my mom .just the hint of threat by a dr to dump a terminally ill patient like my mom wanting treatment and barely clinging to life for any reason is an out rage thats deserving of the full wrath of my father. I think that hes ben to tough at times in his dealings with some people but in this case I say have at it full force if my mom gets abandoned and suffers over this


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I understand and I do agree with your thinking. Had to read 2 x to make sure I understood and I get it. It is sad when things have come to be like this in society. Especially when it involves care of a person who is in this state. healthcare seems to be all about the almighty dollar now'a days. Miss the good old days when a Dr. actually had feelings and cared about the patient rather than the $. I Will say a prayer this evening fo ryou and your family. I Get It.

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