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sad time of year


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It has been over 3 years since my husband Mark died of sclc, but sometime it seem like yesterday. It has been a long time since i visted this site. Memorial day weekend it is sad, spent the weekend picking out flowers and veg. plants, today

planted with my youngest daughter and worked on the yard, this is something that

we enjoyed doing, will the pain ever go away, i still get so sad sometimes, birthdays are coming up the time he first

went to the hospital just thinking he was sick then finding out the next day he has

lung cancer, how can this be he was only

42 with 3 young kids, now i face everything on my own, I do feel him around

me alot, but i want him here with me. I dont think i will ever go on with my life

i have no interest in ever meeting anyone

else, I dont think i can ever get over the

pain. :?:cry: let me know how others

are handling this.

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It had not been as long of a loss for me, But a loss. My wife passed in Jan This year. I stay busy and go to her grave with fresh flowers at lweasr every sunday if not more often. I hThink of her every day and have dozens of picures of her around the house. When I get in my funk, as I call it, I just look up andf know that she is there watching over me and our Puppy dawg daisy. I talk to her every night before bed and say good nite from under the stars when I say my nightly prayers.I think all this helps me some. People Die but Our love for them never does. We must go on living until we can rejoin them in another place at another time. We will be together some day of course. Now is not that time. Only god knows when that time is and only then will he tell us. Right now we suffer w/o our loved ones. I Feel the pain everyday. House is small and empty. Full of love though and Memories. Hope this helps sorry about lenght though. Sending Prayers From under the Carolina Blue Skies.

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Dear sk,

I have not experienced the loss you have, but wanted to let you know your post touched me. I am sorry you lost your dear husband ......and at such a very young age. I am certain others will be along with their expertise of which I have none, but I will keep you in my thoughts with the hopes that you may start having more and more 'good' days.

BTW..............wonder where in PA you are?


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I have no advice, as I can't imagine the pain you are still in. It is just so hard and sad. I am so sorry. I will pray a prayer that your heart mends, and that God gives you peace. I am glad you were able to garden and be with your daughter. I know that after the wake of cancer hits us, we relish in those times more than ever before. God bless you.

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