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GTKY- How are you spending Memorial Day?


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It's a gorgeous day in Michigan. I am going to do some yard work and then run my older daughter out to shop for a gift she needs tomorrow. Later my mom is coming over for a cookout.

The Alimta John had Friday is starting to knock him down so I am not sure he'll be up to much today--maybe a boat ride later.

Everyone have a great holiday.

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Hey Ry,

I've been wondering how John has been doing. Sorry to hear he gets knocked down a bit. Hope he builds back up in short time. I'm also hoping the Alimta is working like MAGIC for him, Ry.

It's a beautiful day here in PA too. We'll go to an early picnic (lunchtime)and then come home and get all dirty working in the garden :lol: ! I'm still planting those flowers!!!! Before LC I would plant somewhere around 35 containers. Well, I am up to 25 and I'm not done yet :lol::!:


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Was wondering about John too. Sorry it's knocking him down, just hope it is working.

Went and shot golf balls this a.m. Can someone tell me why I would ever consider starting golf at my age??????

Daughter's family coming for bbq this afternoon.

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Hi Mrs Ry. I plan to go for a walk and see a movie with my youngest daughter today.

I start alimta in a few weeks. I am a little apprehensive about it. I guess most do ok on it though.

I hope John weathers the treatment ok and that it works.

Don M

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A Day Late,I spent several hours mowing the yard and Connie spent same several hours planting flowers.

Late day we went to our daughters and had a great cook out and swimming in their pool.

It was a great day.

This morning I am sick at my stomach and have the POOPS. :roll:

Hope John is feeling better very soon.

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Woops, this is late.

First my husband and I presure washed the house early because the temp was going up into the 90's, record breaking!

At noon, as my husband is a vet and member of the American Legion he went to this ceremony in Apple Valley.

http://www.thisweek-online.com/2006/May ... vices.html

I watched the military channel on cable, a story of Vets of Vietnam going back there recently. My husband is a Vet of that time, 2 tours over there.

Later we watched the channel that had military movies all day, last one we saw ended at 10:30.

We had the air conditioning on all day, May 29 in Minnesota, unbelievable!

Donna G

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