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Looking: Seattle or US

Guest Summerflowers

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Guest Summerflowers

Hello, I'm looking for a local buddy or a buddy living anywhere in the "lower 48" that I could talk with by phone.

My mom, who is 77, was diagnosed last year with lung cancer, now known to be nonsmall cell on cancer --Adenocarcinoma. It looks like this will be her last year with us and I could use a buddy to walk this path with. I would also like to walk the path my buddy is taking.


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I'm Val, and I'm in Oak Harbor, WA. I lost my Mom in July of 2005, so I'm in a different spot than you, but I'd certainly be willing to offer any support that I can to you on this journey. It's not an easy one, though in all the hardship there is the privelege of caring for our mother's and giving a fraction back of what they gave to us.

Send me a Private Message anytime, or you can email me at haffnerv@hotmail.com.

Take care.


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Hi Laurel,

I am so sorry you have to walk this path. My mom passed away in April 2004. I lived in Seattle (go back and visit often now) and am now in Leavenworth, WA. But I would be happy to be support for you. Send me a Private Message anytime.

Take care of yourself,

Andrea B.

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