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Guest texaggie


Just had a CT scan completed a few weeks ago (focused on the heart--everything was fine there).

My primary care doctor received the report and told me everything was fine. Same with the cardiologist. I asked for the report to be faxed to me and here is what it said:

subcentimeter lung nodules are noted in the right upper lobe (3 mm in size), right lower lobe (3 mm in size), and left lower lobe (2 mm in size).

Impression: subcentimeter lung nodules as described. Recommend a comparison with prior studies/follow up to confirm stability.

I called my primary care doctor to ask why he didn't tell me this...he said he wasn't concerned. I've scheduled an appt with a pulmonologist to read the ct scan just to make sure.

This really has me worried. I won't be able to see a pulmonologist for several weeks.

You all seem so knowledgeable...can anyone tell me how concerned I should be? (40 yo, non-smoker, no other health issues).

Thanks--I've been very impressed by all of you on this board. What an incredible group!

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Of course this is scary. But, IF ANY of those nodules are malignant, they aren't going to change so much between now and when you see the pulmonologist. Seeing a pulmonologist is a good idea. You'll probably find that he/she wants another CT scan in 3 - 6 months to see what, if anything, is happening. There is a thread in the General section about nodules. Lots of people have had lots of different experiences with them. For now, don't let yourself worry. At this point there isn't anything to do about it. Best wishes. Let us know what the pulmonologist has to say.


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It sounds like you already have done the right thing by calling a Pulmonologist. Like Muriel said, he will probably follow up with you in 3-6 months to see if there is any growth. It's possible that they have always been there, the first thing my doctor had asked when finding my nodule was whether or not I had any other xrays from the past 5 to 10 years so that it could be compared..

You are being pro-active which is the first step to getting things in control. Just put one foot in front of the other and remember that where you are right now doesn't mean that you have lung cancer. Best wishes and please let us know what the Pulmonologist has to say!!

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Hi texaggie,

Of course you are concerned about these nodules. And you certainly should be. However, what most likely will happen when you see a pulmonologist is that you will be scheduled to get a repeat scan in about 3 months. Right now the nodules are just too small to do anything about. I would not be happy though about the doctor not bothering to mention this to you. You sound like a person who is right on top of things and that is good. Also, I wouldn't be too concerned about waiting to get in to see the pulmonoligist since you will be waiting for a repeat scan anyhow.

Sorry you have this worry. Take a deep breath and know that there are MANY folks here watching and waiting with nodules. Was there any mention as to if the nodules were calcified or noncalcified? Just wondering about that.


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Welcome. Many people have nodules and only follow up for changes (as they grew or more) will tell the doctor if they need to be biopsied. Wishing you well. Donna G

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Hey Texaggie!

And welcome to nodule watch :wink: The mental is the hardest part, with these. You have already received alot of good advice. These are way too small for anyone to do anything about, but watch 'em. At that size, even if they doubled in volume, it would be such a tiny change (3mm = change of .75mm) that it might not be noticeable on CT. It looks like you may live in TX? If you are from the Southwest, or travel there, you can get nodules from an illnes called Coccidioidomycosis, or Valley Fever, as it is commonly known. It is a fungus in the soil, and is endemic to the Desert Southwest, and parts of California, as well as South America. Other infections, fungal, and otherwise, can cause nodules, too (histoplasmosis, tuberculosis, blastomycosis, etc)

Try not to worry too much in the meantime. It can take over your life if you're not careful. You are on top of it, and it sounds like you plan to make sure your docs are too. (BTW, I would be miffed if my docs omitted stuff, as well. Maybe time for a new doc???) Kasey, and others are right. You will probably simply be put on a CT schedule of 3 months, then 6 months, again at 12 months, 18 months, etc. thru a few years. If no change...COOL! And to help put your mind at ease....the new info coming out of Mayo Clinic on these nodules indicates (pre-liminary results - 3 years into the study) that as many as 98% of these tiny non-calcified nodules are turning out to be benign, in their study population!! An excellent argument for waiting and watching - as scary as that can be.

So, take heart, and be hopeful! We will wait & watch with you. You'll be just fine! And feel free to PM if ya need more nodule info....I've got TONS of it saved in my 'puter...should have an honorary doctorate, by now... :roll:

Yours in HOPE!!!


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