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An Update on the Journey - Long...Sorry!

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Wow...and what a journey this cancer stuff is...I just thought I would update you all on my dad. We are doing VERY well, in fact it feels almost scary. I keep wondering when the bomb is going to hit, or when something is going to pop.

Dad is now having radiation and chemo simultaneously, so he does feel tired...he is entering week three of radiation, and set 4 of chemo. He started on anti-depressants to sleep and help with his getting lost in emotions, and it is AMAZING! I would suggest this to anyone, as it has changed him. He is doing so much better. I mean, we all know he has cancer, and that sucks, but he wants to be a part of everything again, and even if he can't be, his desire is there, and that is so valuable. In fact this weekend we went boating, on a gorgeous evening, and I looked over at him, and there was so much peace there. I feel so blessed to have that view from where I stand, scared to death...

Dad lives about 5 hours from Mayo, so he and mom go there on the weekdays and head home on the weekend. They were lucky to get into a place called the Hope House, or Hope Lodge or something like that. It is an amazing facility. They are having fun...can you believe that...FUN! with cancer. Weird, really weird. But, they are meeting people from all over the world, with cancers all over bodies, and with hope, lots and lots of hope. They eat together, pray together, enjoy various entertainment provided by the facility. They are really lucky. Again, another true blessing...

At this point we don't know when we get to "see" the cancer again, to find out what all of this is doing, and I guess I keeping feeling like that is where my fear starts to take over again. Urgh!!!! :twisted:

Thanks for reading this. Anyway, I have rambled on enough. This site has given me so much peace. God bless you...as usual, pray for miracles, and for renewed health, strengh, and peace.


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It is amazing how cancer gives you a different appreciation for things that we would have normally taken for granted. I think that everyone here truly UNDERSTANDS how important these things are. That's why I come here and share and I am glad you are too. It is my saving grace. Glad you had such a great weekend!!!

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I am so glad to hear that your dad is doing well on his journey. The hope house facility sounds wonderful -- wish we had places like that around here: talking to other folks and actually having fun along the way makes all the difference to managing the stress of it all as well.



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How wonderful to hear such news this AM :P . Sounds like the weekend was a great one for the whole family. Let's just hope tht things keep going along the same way..............without any major interruptions, ya know? Mayo sounds like the place to be.......so glad Dad got there. And thanks for the update!!!!!


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this is an amazing journey we are all on. Alan has

been on anti depressants since day 1 and I believe

they are a blessing. this cancer is a scary thing

and I at times wonder when the monster will "come"

back, but as time goes by the thought no longer

consumes me as it once did. In fact Alan and I are

having the time of our lives. Not that we didn't fully enjoy life

before, but we are really enjoying it now. Dishes

pile up in the sink, because there are much better

things to do. So I can understand your parents "enjoying" the

time they spend and the Hope House.

Thank you for sharing your Dad's journey with us and

I pray things keep going well.

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It is so nice to hear the positives in all of this...we are new to this...with my mom being diagnosed one month ago...stage 4... and it is everywher...

But, I can say that she has been one of the most negative people I have ever known and this has lightened her heart somehow.

Thanks for sharing your new!!! I think we can all learn a lesson from those actually going through it! Blessings to you and your family.

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