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I havent posted in a while. Just thought i would check in. The last few months have been good for my mom (going back to work and getting back into the swing of things). Last sunday was my graduation from college which was a busy weekend. Afterwards Mom was very tired and worn out. The following week she was sick with flu-like symptoms and nausea. She finally started to feel a little better yesterday. She told me she feels like "its back". She just finished treatment less than 3 months ago...what is the liklihood that her cancer has returned? When she said that it was like a blow to the gut. I feel terrible and i am really worried. She has an appointment on Thursday with her oncologist. Thanks for your help.


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Everytime I go into that office and wait on the doc to show up and begin his schpeel, I expect the worst and wait for it. When I don't hear it, I'm suprised and happy. :-)

However it turns out, she should be proud of such a wonderful daughter to be there for her! Keep your chin up until you know for sure. Then fight like heck.


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I know how troubling this is. Think Positive, Pray for good things and enjoy the moment. Keep us posted and then We will help on the next step. Hopefully with prayers it will be a good step.

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Congratulations on your graduation, Rochelle. It must have been a tough year. Glad to hear from you again. I've been wondering how things were going for you, your Mom, and brothers. Has your Mom had a CT scan since completing chemo? That might be a good place to start. For what it's worth, 3 mo. after chemo I didn't feel much better than one day after the last treatment. It takes a while.


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Congrats on your recent Graduation. A huge accomplishment under normal

cicumstances, but you were able to finish while caring for your mom.

I know everytime Alan has a new cough or feels sick

for any length of time my first thought is whether or

not his cancer is back. I've gotten better at not "worrying" as much

like Don said, no use borrowering trouble. Prayers for your mom.

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