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Tarceva still doing it's stuff!!!!!!!!


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Hi Guys,

Just got my results from my scan today and everything is still stable!!!!!!!! What a relief!!!

It's been almost 14 months on Tarceva for me now and what a lucky b**** I am!!!!!! Seriously though, I DO know how lucky I am to still be here and am grateful for the opportunity to watch my kids grow, something I was sure I wasn't going to be around to see.

The side effects Tarceva has given me in the past month are now going to be the subject of a conference of oncologists here tomorrow. Maybe one of them has some advice for controlling them a bit better. I am being referred to a Urologist to try and do something about the inflammation of the bladder lining. I find that is becoming a little unbearable, so much so that my onc has insisted I take a break from tarceva for a week to see if it calms down. He is worried the tissue in the lining of the bladder will be permanently damaged. The scalp pain is just something to live with I guess, nothing I have tried has relieved that at all. Oral antibiotics did their job for a while, but no more. I now have a huge burn down the back of my neck and behind my ears which is so painful, only ice relieves that.

I would go through ten times all of this if it meant survival. None of the pain really matters in the big picture. Bring it on if it means its working!!!

Thanks to everyone for their thoughts,


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:D Well,

Let's Hit Cindi's Pub, Aussie-style!

Would love to know how to do that, since the only "down under" I have done, is when I have passed out down under the bar!

I am sure I would have to wear jeans, a ragged light cotton shirt with the sleeves cut off, a straw hat with one of the sides curled and leather straps here and there and a knife to cut the nuts off anyone who tried to mess with me!

Well, all the more fun at the party!

Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oi oi oi!!!


Cindi o'h

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Hoist a fosters and "throw a shrimp on the Barbie" mate. Congrats and always love to hear good news.

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