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Last week when we went to have Hugh's cumadin levels checked the doctor asked to see us. Ugh! You just know immediately that it CAN NOT be good. He told us Hugh's markers are up and we had to go for a chest scan today. We will get the results tomorrow. I guess I was thinking that things might not be entirely good because Hugh has been pretty tired lately. I kept telling myself that he just wasn't over the radiation yet. In the last few days he has developed a cough. This cough isn't anything like the cough he had that led us to his diagnosis, its more like the cough he had when he caught a cold a few months ago and got really bad post-nasal drip. Also, he has had a backache the last couple of days (again, that instant denial kicks in, as we bought a new kitchen set a couple of weeks ago and Hugh gave up his most comfortable desk chair for the new kitchen chair even though I thought he should just keep the comfortable one, he spends the majority of his day at the table so we are hoping the back pain is just his old & chronic back ache kicking up from the hard chair.) He has been getting cramps in his fingers and hands when he spends anytime doing fine motor stuff. That has been happening since he started weaning off the decadron.

I sure am hoping that at the very least we have caught anything that might be kicking up again at a very early stage. What I really hope is that everything is still stable and the high markers were just "left-over" from the brain mets even though the doctor doesn't think that is the case. We don't know how that is yet because the doctor wants to scan 1 month after the radiation was finished which will be in 2 weeks.

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