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For those at risk for recurrence...


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Yes it would find the cancer cells.

I think this test would be read much like a CT (and I am guessing here) in hat they would do an initial cell test that would be a "base-line" test (like your starting point) and then in a few weeks (or however long routine tests are done) they would run another and compare the number of cancer cells that were read from the baseline to the next test to see if the cancer was active.

This is just an educated guess from what I have heard and read but if you e-mail the Mary Crowley folks they can tell you more in accurate detail. (their link is at the top of this website) MCMRC.

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You can type in www.mcmrc.com or click on the link at the top of this page that says MCMRC to take you to their homepage. Then go to

COMMUNICATIONS and scroll down to NEWS CLIPS. Hopefully your computer will allow you to see the news reports on this cancer cell seeking machine. This is the only one of its kind and recently FDA approved.

If all else fails you can e-mail Stephaine Asilo at basilo@mcmrc.com for more detailed information.

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Wow Katie, thanks for the info. THere is a doctor up here at the University of Minnesota that has been working on detecting cancer in the blood also, micrometastasis. Exciting!k

Donna G

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That is so encouraging Katie, thank you for letting us know that there is some help with blood work that may change the way cancer is found and how agressive to treat it.

I know he was saying this could help in how aggresive to treat the Cancer, but wouldn't it be a miracle if they could catch this in early stages by just blood work. Lots of food for thought here.


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