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Hi All,

I am having pain on my flanks - it started on the right side, went away, came back and went away. Now it's on my left side. The pain is near to the bottom of the rib cage, is constant but not severe. It can hurt a lot when I move in certain positions - where I'll scream or grunt loudly.

The doctor is having a hard time finding a cause, although he is trying differnt pain medication. Has anyone had a similar problem? To dat, I have had no problems, pain from my lung cancer itself - just the mets. The bone scan, MRI, Abdominal CT all show nothing.

If you have any suggestions, please let me know.



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I have had pain in both of my legs, then one leg and another, separately, pain in my hips, and even shoulder and collar bone. After going through every test known to man, it was discovered that I am having "nerve pain." It apparently was caused by all the cutting through nerves, etc. during cancer surgery. I am taking nerve pain medicine, which is not the same as regular pain medicine. I am taking Neurontin.


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My Keith has had a lot of abdominal pain. Recently it is from tumor progression, but prior to current advancements he had times where he had pains that felt like they were right underneath the last rib of his rib cage. They hurt with movement more, and also with deep breaths. I remember those seemed to be caused by constipation and gas.

If you are having problems with your bowels, possibly taking some senna-s would help.

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I have many aches and pains in various and numerous areas, come and go, get worse and better and worse,none of which anyone has been able to figure out why or what to do for them. It is very frustrating and I want to know exacty what they are, what causes them and what to do about them, so far I have just been out of luck and just suffer with them. I get sent for x-rays etc which usually turn up nothing, so therefore, there is nothing wrong. I guess its in my head :roll: . Most just say it must be something to do with having chemo. Even so, I wonder if there is still something that would help.

Hope it come out okay for you though, Patty

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When I read your post, I didn't really have any ideas for you, but after reading the others, I am wondering about the gas pains. I guess I say this as I have a preemie daughter who gets them REALLY badly. They double her over...imagine it moving through all your insides, and that would explain the moving pain?????? Good luck!

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