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I Need Help From the Beer Lovers


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No kidding!

I have a wonderful fellow who has been helping me with our horses on our farm EVERY DAY for more than a year now. And, sometimes I come home and find him mowing my lawn, for example, without my asking just because he knows when I am sinking and getting behind in the bigger chores around here. He has been really supportive of my mom as well and goes and visits with her as he can.

Turns out he really loves beer -- plus, he used to run a local brewery years ago. I'd love to get some to have around for him but I know absolutely nothing about beer: what are good beers to beer lovers?

Didn't quite know where to post this one.....doesn't get more OT than this! Is OK to PM me with this if responses would be considered advertising.....


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Boy, that is a hard one.

Beer can be so different depending on what types he likes. Does he like imports or micro brewery beers? Light ales or heavier stouts and dark beers.

I know personally I prefer lighter beers. As far as imports go, I really like Pilsner Urquel, or Heineken.

My husband is also a big beer fan, or used to be when he could drink. He was always a fan of Sprecher beers. Sprecher Dark, or Sprecher Honey Weiss.

Here in Milwaukee we have a ton of micro breweries.

Some of the better ones I know of are East Side Dark, Grays Pale Ale, Lakeside Amber.

I honestly think anything would be appreciated, even if it is a generic domestic beer such as budweiser of miller. It really is the thought that counts.

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Wow, sounds like one heck of a guy to me!!!

I'm with Carleen on this one, it is the thought that counts.

After working outside I think any type of COLD beer would bring a big smile to his face. I'm thinking you'd be safe with either Bud or Miller Lite.

Good luck!!!

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Most of our guys here like the bud lite.. that's what is on tap at the pub.

Any beer on a hot day after a lawn mowing hits the spot. Two are better than one. Then start to talk beer and find out what brand of brew to surprise his refrigerator with.

Cindi o'h

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If you want to surprise him check the local supermarket and see if they carry a variety pack. Some stores offer a six pack of assorted beers. All types well 6 anyway. My thoughts.

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Any way to find out what he drinks? Every beer lover I know has their own brand or brands or type of beer they like. Randy's idea of a variety pack is a good idea. If he used to run a brewery he would appreciate trying different beers. If you can't get a variety pack then buy a few different six packs. If you have a good beer and wine store nearby go in and ask what they recommend.

Good luck-- nice thing to do by the way. Our neighbor always gives John a 12-pack for putting his boat in and it is much appreciated.

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Wow, I think buying a man a beer without knowing his preference is like buying a woman a lipstick without knowing what color.

I would try to start a conversation with him about his brewery, telling him you know nothing about beer and sort of slide in a question about what he likes best.

But he sounds terrific.

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I think Ginny's idea is a great one, to strike up a conversation about it and ask him what kind of beer he likes. Maybe say, "I have a friend who likes beer, any suggestions what to get him?"

I also thought maybe if you have any microbreweries around, you could get him a gift certificate.

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