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It's all about love...


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This forum is really two-fold. It's for those seeking prayers, but it is also a forum for inspiration...I thought I'd post mine today.

Some of the older members here may know the story of my dad. I thought he was a great man. A hero with a big heart who never advertised that! He was solid and reliable and quiet and it took until I was an adult to realize what a great man this "simple" man really was.

My dad was a Navy man. He was on the USS Bennington and later was in Vietnam for 4 years. When he was there, this mid-western boy (he was in his early 30s) met and fell in-love with a beautiful young Vietnamese widow with FIVE children (from 2 1/2 - 12 yrs.) He married her and spent 2 years adopting those 5 kids and getting VISAs. When they came back to the states, he never once referred to them as his "step" children or "adopted" children. Together, my parents had me. They called me the "glue" that sealed the deal!

Those five kids were his. Period. They had his last name and this simple man and the woman that he loved worked long days feeding us and providing us with a good home. It wasn't until I was older and other people pointed out difference that I even knew my siblings weren't biologically his! How great is that? I just thought I looked like my dad and they looked like my mom!

I call that 100% unconditional love without titles or boundries. We were ALL his. Period. Simple philosophy from a simple hardowrking man.

FAST FORWARD 30 years later. My dad had been gone for 3 1/2 months, I am married with a 6 year old and it doesn't look like we will ever be able to have any more biological children. An opportunity arises for us to adopt, and I consult my mom.

She is completely against it! Not because of racial or prejudicial issues or even moral issues of any sort! She worries that our hearts will be broken...that it will be complicated and she doesn't want to see us hurt.....She will NOT support it at all!

I mulled what she said for about an hour, feeling defeated...called her back on the phone and said something very simple......"Daddy did it."

He had adopted her children without a second thought, FIVE kids at 34 and a baby a year later....he did it.

I can do this.

Even though the circumstances were a bit different, she got what I was saying, and it hit right in the heart.

So even though my dad wasn't here when my daughter was born, he had a big hand in helping us get her.

Today, you can't peel my daughter off her "grandma's" leg. And grandma's love for her is endless.

In a few weeks is our 2 year Adoption Finalization anniversay (We adopted our baby girl on our wedding anniversay date)

As much as I wish my dad was with us and could know her, I am thankful for what this simple man taught us all.

Life is simple. It's all about love.

Thank you for letting me share. I am remembering my dad alot this month. and I miss him.

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Beautiful and touching, Katie. What a big-hearted man.

We had a similar example across the street from us. And I agree that it's rare for blended families to accomplish it so well that it isn't even an issue.

Your dad was even more remarkable for conquering the cultural barriers as well, without a thought. It really is all about love and obviously his was unconditional. I think it's kinda cute that he did such a good job that your mom didn't even identify with the adoption issue until you reminded her.

Happy adoption/anniversary ((hugs))

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Boy katie...what a story...just beautiful...brought tears...

Yes..your Dad was an incredible man and it has rubbed off on you...like Don said.."the apple doesn't fall far from the tree"

Thanks for sharing...God Bless you and your wonderful family...


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Katie, what a beautiful story, thanks so much for sharing. I am adopted and my mom always told me I was more special because she "chose" me. She filled my life with endless unconditional love that stays with me each day. I was so lucky to be adopted and there were many days (and still are) that I don't even remember I am adopted. It is all about love, my mom taught me that too and I am teaching my girls the same lesson.

Your dad is smiling down on you with love and pride.

Hugs to you.

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I am adopted too! Bonn Germany 1963 When given the optionof finding out my real mom i said no because she gave ME up so I was Giving HER up in return. THat is so special to read.

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