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TAnn at Peace

Don Wood

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It is with a very heavy heart that I make this post. Al Diaz called us this morning to report that Teri (our dear TAnn) passed away at 8AM today, very peacefully. Al wanted to thank us all and to tell us how much Teri loved us all. (That really showed in her posts here.) Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers for Teri and her family. Don

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I'm so saddened hearing these words, Don. I guess I can assume that prayers were answered.......Teri is finally at peace. May her family be comforted knowing that Teri touched us all so deeply and that we mourn with them.

So it is now with renewed spirit and energy that I pick up Teri's sword in this battle against a demonic disease. Somehow......don't know how right now..............I will become a stronger voice because of her. :cry::cry::cry:


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O what sad news for us and her family. I am sure she is well and happy now. My prayers are offered for her family during this most difficult time.

Donna G

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heartfelt condolences to Teri's Family and Many friends everywhere. I prray that her passing to another plane of life was peaceful and she was surrounded by family and friends. Teri will be missed greatly by myself and everyone here and we were truly blessed to be a part tof her life while she was with us. Prayers for comfort for everyone in this difficult time.

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