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Mom Finished WBR!

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I honestly, when we first started down this road, never expected to be here saying that she'd finished her WBR!! And I'm so excited to be! I just happened to get to be there for the last one today and her meeting with the doc. My class schedule worked out so I could be. After shaking his hand (all of us) and thanks all around...Mom's headed home to relax (HA!) for a month before they rescan to see if it did any good. Hospice is still checking in on her regularly, which I'm so appreciative of...I know that if anything should "happen" I'll know about it as soon as possible. One never knows if my SF will remember how to work the phone! LOL

We're coming up on 13 months since she was diagnosed quickly and it seems like the rollercoaster won't ever end...yet I love each moment that we're riding and take such pleasure on the little "ups" we have along the way!

Way to go, Mom!!! That mask is just beautiful!! (WEIRD how it fit ME, too, though! LOL :lol: Guess we MUST look that much alike!)


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Happy to hear your good news, Missy. I will be hoping and praying the scan next month will prove all is well for the time being. Now about that mask.........would it be appropriate to call it a tribal mask of war???? If so, might bring lots of $$$$$ on ebay :lol: !

Tell Sues I send her a great big 'atta girl'!!


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Atta Girl Sue! And Missy!

I'm so happy that your mom is done with these, and hopefully can start mending and feeling better soon.

Just a heads up that when Keith had his WBR he actually had more exhaustion a few weeks following the treatments than he had throughout them, so don't panic if mom doesn't spring back into action right away. She has a lot of healing to do.

I will be keeping your mom and you and the whole family in my prayers.

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Guest kathleen

That is wonderful news Missy! My Mom finished her WBR yesterday as well so I can relate to how relieved you are that its complete.

Here's to an easy recovery and thanks for sharing your good news.


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Hi Missy,

Great news, so glad this is behind her now. Everything crossed for her scan to show improvement. She is such a trooper and I admire her for all she has been through. You are such a wonderful daughter. She is so lucky to have you!

I know you will keep us posted.

Maryanne :wink:

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