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Carleens Uncle Ken


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Carleen Quick note and know whow busy you are.

How is your Uncle en and Your Aunt doing with his diagnosis? Pray that all is well with them as well as is get it?

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I thought I read a post somewhere about her Uncle regarding an Update. I could be wrong though! I just looked to see if she had updated that info and I don't see anything anywhere.

She has such a FULL PLATE right now, and I'm sure she will post when time allows her to.

Keeping her and her family all in my prayers.

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Unfortunately I haven't been able to talk to him too much the past few days, but as of last Saturday he was feeling a bit better.

He has been released fromt he hospital and is undergoing treatment with Topetecan. It appears that he has had some improvement from it. This is just an educated guess as he has not had any scans yet, but I feel in my heart that there must have been some benefit as he is feeling overall better. He was so weak and has lost a ton of weight, he had terrible abdominal pain which is what brought him to the ER in the first place and his diagnosis. That pain is lessened.

Saturday he had a cook out at his house and all the family came in from all areas. My father is one of 13 siblings. He has already lost 2 to LC. Most of the rest live here in the Milwaukee area, but 1 sister and 1 brtoher and their kids and grandkids live in the Omaha area. They all came up and there were about 50+ people there to cheer him on and offer support and love.

I gave my cousin (his daughter) a print out from clinicaltrials.gov of treatments for extensive SCLC and she brought it to his onc at the VA and he seemed willing to consider some of them including cyberknife for the brain mets. I think they are just trying to work out how payment for the treatment will be since the only cyberknife machine in WI is not at a VA hospital and they have no other insurance.

Anyway, he seems to be tolerating the topetecan well and I will update everyone on his results with his first scan which is coming up I think in 2-3 weeks.

Thanks everyone for keeping him in your thoughts and prayers.

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