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Prayers needed Again-sensitive subject (not for the modest)


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I'm am getting tired of being in constant need of prayers lately. I wish my Keith could just have a peaceful period of time where nothing new arose and no new problems struck.

Keith is back at the hospital today. Since the last hospital procedure failed to install the stents in his veins, we knew we were going to be battling swelling in Keith's upper body. However, last night we were getting ready for bed and Keith went to use the bathroom. Next thing I know I hear him yelling hysterically that we have a big problem.

Keith is now experiencing swelling, but in lower regions, specifically his genitalia. Ok, I know that that could be the butt of many jokes, but this wasn't funny. The way to scare a man the most is to cause a problem with that area. And this looked severe and grotesque.

Now I know the Superior Vena Cava drains the blood from the arms, head and upper torso, but what could be the cause of this?

Keith is really scared. I'm really scared. God I hate this so much.

Please please people pray with me that this is minor and treatable and curable. I don't want this to be MORE progression. We've had so much in the past few weeks, it can't be progressing this fast. GOD PLEASE HEAR ME!!! GOD PLEASE!!!!

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Carleen, the prayers have never ceased here for you guys. I am at a total loss for words :cry: . I know you don't think it........or realize it even.........but you two are towers of strength. Your faith, your love, and your resilience in the face of this :twisted: disease is nothing short of phenomenal. I so pray for a break for the two of you, I do. Will be waiting to hear what this latest issue turns out to be.



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First of all...many, many, many prayers for the two of you! Praying for a period of time that the two of you can rest and regroup!!!

Second, my Dad has this exact same issue and he too was terrified the first time it happened. The Drs have run test after test on his prostate and all come up clean. The only thing that anyone has been able to come up with, and when it seems to be at its worst, is when he is experiencing edema from being "super hydrated" with iv fluids...so the current thought process is that is related to the edema that occurs when he has lots of iv fluid. A few days on lasix and "things" return to a more normal appearance. I hope that you find the answer and that it is merely a unpleasant looking side effect and nothing more serious.

May God Bless you both!


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Carleen and Keith,sorry to hear of yet more of this.Never hesitate to ask for prayers,it is my belief that the more who pray for someone the better chance of those prayers being heard.I am positive that all others prayers have been important in my still being around.

As always we'll be keeping you both in our thoughts and prayers.

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My prayers are going out for you the Keith, it does suck that he is going thru so much, I hope that maybe this new development there is something that can be treated with some medication, perhaps a diaretic, or steroid or some other type of med. Keith is too young, but we all know that he is a tough cookie, ( my husband is alot like that too ), I know it is so hard to keep up the positive attitude, but if there is anyone that will persevere, it is you and Keith.....


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