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Prayers needed Again-sensitive subject (not for the modest)


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Thank you everyone,

Keith is holdng steady right now. Since his last hospital visit, they were not able to find the cause of this new swelling so he was told to keep an eye on it. He's been taking things easy, and sleeping with pillows under his hips and under his arms for the SVCS too. Basically he is cradling himself.

It helps keep the swelling down (or at least it seems to be keeping it from getting worse). I don't know, things are pretty much the same, but I don't know what else to do to help.

I guess I am hoping that when we go to the University of Chicago on Wednesday they may have more answers for us, or at least a treatment plan that may help shrink the tumors and therefore improve his problems.

I'm trying to stay positive and believe. I'm just so tired and having a hard time in the face of all he is going through.

Thank you so much for the prayers. Our hope lies in God.

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Hi Carleen,

Constant prayers sent to Keith. Darn I keep praying for his pain to subside. Poor guy is just going through so much and you are an angel at his side.

Will continue prayers, Carleen.


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