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Are Strokes Typical?


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My father experienced shortness of breath several weeks ago. After trying to get into the Dr. 2times, only to be put off by the Dr.'s office, he landed in the ER due to garbled speech. Turns out he had a blood clot in the lung and a series of mini strokes. He left the hospital several days later, only to return with a very painful blood clot in his leg. That resolved after 5 days.

He had been on 2 shots of lovenox a day. The Dr. reduced the shot to 1x a day yesterday, so he went from 180 ml(?) to 160.

Today, he lost vision in a part of one eye and they think it was another stroke. They are waiting for tests results.

Has anyone had any experience with a tendency toward strokes? Any advice/thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


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Sorry I have no info for you, Lynn, but wanted to let you know I am here hoping all will be well for Dad. And I do have some words for that doctor's office that felt it was okay to put you off. Don't think it is printable on this site though :? !


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If you have lung cancer you are at increased risk of forming and throwing blood clots. Levenox ( low molecular weight heparin) is the drug of choice for people with lung cancer who throw clots. For some reason coumadin does not work to prevent these clots.

Beanie or Brenda ( her Dad), Eppie,( her dad), Andrea, (her Mom) mamarama (her sister), shirleyb ( her husband), gerbilrunner (or Jen) and also TAnn (who we recently lost) all posted about blood clots complicating the diagnosis.

I am glad your Dad was put on Levenox. Keep us posted

Donna G

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I've been using Lovenox for 4 years because of high clotting numbers.

I have 60ml prefilled shringes and inject one a day in my belly, not wonderful but so far no damage from clots.

I had DVT at 25 so red flags go up very quickly.

I hope you Dad gets good test results.


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