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Hello and welcome to the boards. I am so sorry about your recent diagnosis...I am very pleased that you not looking at statistics...because around here, it is truly believed that none of us knew "The Plan" before diagnosis, and nor do we know "The Plan" after! I am a pray-er, so you can count on my prayers.

I don't know anything about the machine...my dad didn't really talk about it. I wish you the best.


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Welcome Donna (beautiful name its also my mother's name),

I don't have much to add as you've received so much great advice already. I just wanted to welcome you and say that I will hold you in my prayers.

I also have fibromyalgia, but I don't know how the chemo effects it, but I would suggest keeping hydrated and get plenty of rest. Also if you are uncomfortable or nauseous tell your doctor. There is no reason you should have to suffer from side effects. There are some really good medications out there. My husband also took EMEND for nausea and it worked GREAT. There are also drugs for any pains you are feeling. This is not a time to feel like you have to be strong and suffer through it. Take the help that is available.

I pray for God's blessing for you and for healing. Wising you many many years of good living and a happy life.

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Welcome Donna,

I took Carbo/Taxol and it did get a little worse each time but it was very doable with the anti nausea medications. I had some joint pain also but it eased up. Everyone has different experiences with the various chemo drugs.

The pet scan can be intimidating, it was for me but they gave me valium before they started the scan and it did relax me and I was able to get through it.

If I remember correctly, it took longer than the other scans. You can look up pet scan on the Internet and it will explain it fully. Be sure to let them know ahead of time that you may need something to relax you.

Good luck and keep us posted


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Welcome Donna to our family. Like others have said I am sorry you had to look for us but glad you found us.

I had a PET my first time in a machine that was only for PET scans. It took almost an hour in the machine. Now I go to a place my oncologist requests and I have a CT/PET combo. It only takes about 25 minutes and the machine seems a little bigger. Just ask your doctor for something for your nerves and try to relax. We have all been through the tests multiple times and we all made it with a little help from our docs.


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Hi Donna,

Welcome! I am also fairly new to the board diagnosed end of May by my pulmonologist that gave me no real information, was officially diagnosed IIIA NSCLC on June 9, 2006.

I will start Chemo and Radiation soon so I cannot give you advice there but the PET scan was very similar to the CT scan except it took longer. The worst part was drinking the substance that reminded me of Maalox so they could better see my intestines abdomanol area.

Because I am Claustrophic, for my Brain MRI I took a Xanax one hour prior and kept my eyes closed for the hour test and only began to panic for the last five minutes. I didn't need any medicine for the PET scan.

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Hi Donna and welcome to the board. Because I was pre-menopausal, I was always given a Valium prior to Pet Scan (keeps brown fat down) and the scans were no problem for me -- I would actually fall asleep. Last month my onc. decided I no longer needed the Valium and that scan was the worst! I was so apprehensive the whole time. Trust me, medicate yourself and take the edge off the craziness.


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Hi Donna,

Again welcome to this wonderful site -sorry you had to find us . I can't give any new advice that you haven't heard already.

My Pet scan ( if I remember correctly ) was not that big of a deal - but in a 3 day period I had the Pet, CT, bone scan all done while in the hospital. Then right before they reased me they decided I needed an MRI. I also am VERY claustraphobic, and the piece ( what ever it's called ) that goes over your head was the scariest thing I endured. So I too took Valium. No problems - matter of fact I fell asleep during the test.

The next MRI I decided I could do w/o drugs ( WRONG ) When I was finished I told the tec I would never do another w/o drugs.

I was also staged IV with mets to the brain. We did what's called SRS to the tumor in the brain ( stereotactic radiosurgery ) Then they stated me on both radiation ( for the lung tumor ) and chemo at the same time......

I NEVER had any nausea or vomiting with any of my chemos - They just dehydrated me - caused low blood counts and TIRED. MY onc decided HE was making me sick !!

If you really want the details it's in my bio ...rather than me taking up space to repeat my self.

As everyone here has told you -let your onc know your fears -

For some- this doctor thing gets LONG - but I figure if I'm still upright I'm good to go ( Slowly though )

Good luck - you are in our prayers


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