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My beloved Dad has gone - unable to grieve


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Dad died very suddenly from his cerebellum brain mets on the 21st of May. It was incredibly sudden. I has just seen him the previous weekend (he lived in the UK) and although I knew he had little time, the family was hoping for a few more weeks. At least my brother was with him and helped him be a s comfortable as possible in his last 2 days.

To be honest it hasn't hit home. I haven't cried though I adored my Dad who was a really good man, with a stong faith who kept a very positive stance throughout his illness. My siblings have to take care of Mum who is also in shock at the moment which is taking up all of our efforts.

Is this normal? I feel so hollow.


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Fist off, my condolences and Prayers.Second of all, It (Grief) will hit home May not be for a while but it will. when you go to call or send him a note itwill hit and hard Let it come naturally. that is the best I can tell you right now. Shock and rage and grief and disbelief or denial as some call it. Sending prayers for some peace and tranquility in your life and keep us posted on how you are doing OK?

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I am so sorry about your dad. Eternal rest be granted unto him oh Lord, and may Your perpetual light shine upon him always.

The way you are feeling is normal. God gives you strength to get through. Stay close to us...we will help.


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