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FLuid In lungs


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RandyW's dad isoff 3 IVS Still on 4 right now. Still intubated. Need info if anyone has had experienced Fluid In lungs at any time and what to do for treatment. Know this is non lung Cancer but figured being Lung Cancer maybe some experience here. All Numbers are normal. Still intubated but IVS coming out. THanks and saying prayers.

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The treatment for excess fluid in the lungs is determined by 1) where the fluid lies (in the air sacs or the pleural space between the lung linings) and 2) the cause. Sometimes diuretics help move the fluid back into the bloodstream where it belongs so the person can urinate it away, other times it is treated with "wait and watch" and slowly the fluid is reabsorbed into the bloodstream on its own. Occasionally, the fluid is tapped if it is in the pleural space, but this is only done if the person is quite short of breath or if a sample of fluid is needed to make a diagnosis.

Best wishes. Having a loved one in ICU is really tough. - Teresa

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As theresa has mentioned there are different treatments depending on cause and location. I wanted to add that if they do plan on draining the fluid there are two methods. On is to install a drainage tube. This is done especially if they feel that the fluid may have to be drained more than once.

The method they did for Keith last Tuesday was fairly non-invasive. They inserted a needle into his back and then ran an IV hose through something that created a suction. They drained over a liter of fluid, and then removed the needle.

I hope that your dad is doing better real soon, and the fluid issue can be cleared up with minimal discomfort. I guess the best option for which I will pray for is that diuretics will clear the fluid up.

Sending you prayers and warm wishes.

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Saying prayers Randy. I have everything crossed on my body that can be crossed. And after I finish typing this I will put my hair in Heidi braids so even that will be crossed just in hope that the protein IV removes that fluid and the tube is removed successfully and dad mends and gets up and out of there. (((Randy)))

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