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Sick, sick, sick!


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My dad "graduated" from chemo. Amen! He has 8 days of radiation left, one month off, and one month of whole brain. They are confident.

Right now he is sick! He keeps throwing up. This breaks my heart. If you remember, my first post on this site, was that what was getting my dad was his fear of getting sick. He feels it, and I feel awful. He is taking the nausea meds, but it is almost like he has so much phlem, or gook, that it makes him vomit. Can't eat, doesn't want to, and is pretty down. He gets the dry heaves some times, and other times he is productive.

I want to show him his "graduation pin" in the hopes that he keeps his eye on the prize. Prayers would be appreciated...thanks LCSC friends!

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Has your dad tried Emend. That did wonders for my nassea. Also, please make sure that he is drinking water, or any liquids he can get down. It will make him feel better and prevent dehydration which can just overwhelm you even after chemo, very easily.

This is so hard, but you're right, keep his eye on the "prize".

Wishing you both the best, and you've certainly got my prayers coming.


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Sending many prayers and lots of love and positive thoughts.

Just a thought here, as well. When Brad was having so much trouble with the nausea and vomiting, he found that crystallized ginger helped a lot. It is widely available at health food stores. Just sucking on a small piece settled him down quite a bit.

Hope this is helpful...


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If he is gagging on the thick gook then he needs to get that thinned out so that he doesn't get to the point of vomit. Is that the problem?

Drink lots and lots of water.

There is a safe prescription medication that thins the mucous. Ask the pharmacist or MD about it. It is available over the counter in many cough formulas and may now be sold by itself. It is called Guaifenasin. I think the spelling might be different. It is pronounced. gwai-fen-a-zeen

good luck.

Cindi o'h

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Sending up prayers for your dad.

Keith also took Emend and it was the most effective nausea control he took. He also had zofran and camptosar, and a couple of other anti-nausea treatments and Emend was by far the best. (but also the most expensive)

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