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Prayers and vibes


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I meet with the oncologist this afternoon to get my test results from last week. I am a nervous wreck - again. I realize I am in a better place than a lot of cancer patients, but I am still scared. As I told the ER doc a few weeks ago - I am just not ready to deal with this all again (but, then again, when would I be??). I am asking for prayers or good vibes - anything - you can spare. Till I return -


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EEEkkks :shock::shock: Test result time...

What a nerve wracking and stressful thing. I HATE waiting for test results, and when I'm right about to hear them, I all of a sudden am hesitant because I am afraid to hear anything come out of the doctor's mouth.

I am hoping and praying that everthing came out well, and the results were favorable.

There is no reason to ever apologize for feeling afraid, or feeling like you don't deserve to feel one way or another because others have it worse.

Suffering and fear isn't relative to other people; it is something real and strong for each person in their own right and deserving of support and love.

This is a scary time, and although I am hopeful and confident that everything will turn out great for you, I am still sending you strong vibes and prayers for strenght and comfort.

God Bless


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