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Is it WBR?


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OK. So I have been reading information about WBR, and I am beginning to wonder if that is what my dad is going to have....this is what I remember...

There are no mets to the brain yet. Will do 30 days of ????? radiation as a precaution.

What do you think this is?

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that is known as PCI

Prophylactic cranial irradiation. It is generally used in patients with SCLC when they have reached remission. It is basically whole brain radiation when there are no brain mets to be targeted as preventative treatment.

basically it is similar to WBR, but I think the dosage of radiation is not as severe.

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I have heard from others on here that had the PCI and I don't recall there being the drastic side effects.

Also, if the dose is the same as WBR, there is still hope that all can go well. My Keith is 20 months removed from WBR, and he had NO side effects really.

Just some hair loss, and fatigue that he started to recover from about 2 weeks following completion of WBR.

I will definitely be praying for your dad. Please try and not be afraid. This will work well for him.

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my husband just finished up with wbr about 2 weeks ago, he had gone for 20 rounds ( 5x week for 4 weeks), (u can see his profile ) the worse side effect he has had with it up to now is he has a very bad burn on the back of his neck, he is now using silverdene cream, and it seems to be working.

Just to let you know his experience w/ it was that the first visit was a "mapping" of the head with small pinpoints w/a marker ( not permanent) and then his treatments were very quick he was in treatment no longer than 5 - 10 mins at tops. When his treatments did go a little longer it was because they were x-raying his brain.

The radiologist told him that we will come back in a month ( now it is 2 weeks and will probably do an mri of the brain) to see if the mets have disappeared, he said that the radiation can take up to a month to take effect. Also we were told that "radiation never forgets" so my husband now has to constantly wear a cap outside even if it isn't sunny and also always wear suncreen. But so far he hasn't had any real memory issues, except he always seems to forget what I say to him....but he did that before all of this!!!! :)


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Alan had WBR as he did have mets to the brain. His

treatment was almost a year ago. His side effects were minimal considering how

sick the tumor was making. him. 1 year post WBR Alan

does have some short term memory loss and the hearing

in his left ear is almost gone. However, he is enjoying a very active lifestyle

that would not have been possible without treatment.

There are always risks when dealing with this monster

in Alan's case we had no choice, the tumor was crushing his brain stem. others

may give you a different opinion on PCI. I hope some

of this inforamtion will help. Prayers to you and your family.

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