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Home Again!


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Glad you are back on track after having your appendix out -- I had mine out years ago too (and not the lapro. either). Biggest recovery complaint was feeling like I was stitched up/glued back together too tight for awhile -- people around me would keep making me laugh and all I could do was double over for a bit while things healed up. If you run into any of that, holding a folded up blanket or pillow against that surgery area helps.

Take care,


P.S. On the "season" thing -- come to think of it, it was this time of year when I had mine!

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Oh Kasey, Don't scare me like that again!!! :evil:

Seriously though, I am so happy you are home and on the road to recovery. (((Kasey))), if I could come there and mother you and take care of you and make it all better I would. But since I can't Fred will have to do it for me. Knowing how much he loves you, I'm sure he is more than happy to do so.

Please rest up, take things slow and easy and get better real quick.

I am sending you my love and prayers.


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Gol, Kasey!

I sure am glad that you went to the ER and this was taken care of! Yikes! Appendicitis can be threatening. Sounds like you were pretty sick with it.

Get well soon and sprinkle some MiracleGrow so that you can sprout your wings for Dallas!

Cindi o'h

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Yikes! and Ouch! Poor Kasey! I had mine removed at age 8 and don't remember a thing except puking from the ether - sorry to be so graphic. :shock: They don't use ether anymore, but I'll never forget that smell and thinking I was going to fall off the bed because I was dizzy and the p....ng! YUCK!!!

I think I was out playing the next week, but Kasey, I think it might take you a little longer before you can go out and play. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Take it easy, sweetie!

Love you!


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