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I'm new to this and just feel lost


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Hi, I'm new to this and want to talk to you all. I just found out yesterday that I have lung cancer-I don't even know what kind. Haven't met with the oncologist yet. A pulmonary doctor gave me the news and he didn't offer me hope, although I know there are survivors. I wanted to get mad at him! Do these feelings of anxiety go away?

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I am so sorry that you have to join us here, but you will find wonderfully supportive people and a wealth of information and HOPE.

This past January I was sitting in your shoes, having met with a pulminary doctor who broke the news to me. Fortunately, he broke it as gently as he could and referred me to a surgeon immediately.

What area do you live in? I'm sure that many people here on the board can suggest a top facility/oncologist for you in your area. There are also many resources to help you cope. ALCASE is an excellent resource and I believe there is a link to them via this site.

If you would like to talk at all, please feel free to contact me at hrudnick@cozen.com at any time.

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I can't tell you how sorry I am that we have to meet under these circumstances. you are feeling shocked, devastated, angry, scared and anxious I am sure. Those are completely natural emotions when faced with this disease.

I can't say that I know how it feels to be given this news myself, my husband was diagnosed in March. He felt these things, and so did I. It was a long hard time in the first few months. But those feelings of anxiety did seem to ease into resolve and determination for him. I can't say that the fear ever goes away completely. I don't think it does. But it seems to become part of a greater fighting spirit. It will take time, and in the mean time, let yourself feel and express whatever your heart is telling you. Come here whenever you need a place to get information, support and advice. Come and share with us your fears and anxieties, most of us understand and have been there. We are also here for you to vent to and get angry with. You've found a great group of people who are here for each other, with nothing more than understanding, support and love.

I will be praying for you,


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Hate to have to meet you this way - but welcome nevertheless. Being given a cancer diagnosis is just about the worse thing that can happen to anyone - especially if the person handing down the diagnosis lacks the wherewithal, the compassion and the bed side manner required in these particular circumstances. What you felt and are feeling is a perfectly normal reaction to an extraordinary and catastrophic event. I am sorry that you had to hear it the way you did and that you have to wait until you see your oncologist - I know all too well what that feels like... an eternity.

It's not much consolation but I am glad that you found this support group. If you take a look around, you will see that there is well in excess of 500 of us - patients, survivors, family and friends of persons afflicted with lung cancer.

Lung cancer is a grave illness - it kills - but more importantly, it is survivable as attested to by the hundreds of postings you will see on this web site.

From the time you were told you had lung cancer, you became a survivor. No matter what you go through over the course of the next few hours, days, weeks, months or years - no one can take that away from you. Survivors are by nature: stubborn, resilient, brimming with hope, realistic, and willing to endure just about any pain because they know (a deep conviction) that all will be well.

Choose then to live - to laugh - to cry - to do whatever pleases you. Life is not a dress rehearsal - it's the real deal. You have more in you and to you than meets the eye. Look not only to outside of yourself, but inside for strength and courage, and to God for grace.

We will be here for you. I will keep you in my prayers.

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:D Hello,

You have a long road ahead, all the people here will be with you a tie of the tried and true.

In many ways in many places in mant circumstances from what I am reading on this site.

FIGHT, as hard as you can, push as hard as you can for surgery, you need to know if not, why not. Push for surgery if it is at all possible. So many confusing thoughts, so many UPS and DOWNS. I feel for you I have been there also. But for me it was 09/02/96, when I was operated on for the removal of my right lung, all of it, so a longterm survivor. THINK POSITIVE ALWAYS. Dont let it get to you your aim is to survive, hold tight to that aim. Good Luck, God bless you. Ina.

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Anxiety comes and goes. All of us will attest those follow up CTs bring more. Being happy , making future plans ( even if it is just for tomorrow)and laughing are all good for your health. I mean really good for your health. AVOID THE NEWS! . Most of it is stressful. Avoid stressfilled movies. Rent good funny movies, watch the comedy channel. Pray if you have faith. It has been studied and people who pray or have been prayed for ( even if they do not know they have been prayed for) do better. We are here for you, knowledge is power. Knowing what is going on is not nearly as scary as the unknown. Soon you will start to feel better just because as tests come back , plans are made, you will know where you are going and learn how to fight the fight. Best Wishes and Welcome. Donna

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you have come to the right place. there is a lot of info to learn from here. anytime you have a question, just post it and within a short time you will have the answer.

sorry your dr didn't have bedside manners. That sure doesn't help when one has this hard and rough road to go through..

there are good web sights you might want to read before going to see a surgeon. it is www.blockcancer.org and www.chemocare.com.

take a deep breath and get ready for the roller coaster ride and in the end you will be on top of the ride.

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Hello Cherbut,

Welcome to the boards, glad you found us, but so sorry you have been dx.'ed with this terrible disease. :( Like Don said, anxiety is a part of it, it gets better with time but it's always there. however, there's always hope!! I can't believe that you are not even typed or staged yet and doctors are not providing encoragement and hope!! Please don't be afraid to get new ones. I've learned that 2nd opionions are not only OK but recommended. It's real important to feel comfortable with your doc.

Again welcome, know that you are not alone, more than anything we are SURVIVORS!

God bless and be well

Bobmc- NSCLC- stageIIB- left pneumonectomy- 5/2/01

" absolutely insist on enjoying life today!"

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