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Getting to Know You - June 13


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Jackie, my best friend of 46 years.

Sandy, the most nurturing person I know. She will be your friend until you tell her to go away. Of course, I never will.

Julie, a relatively new friend (4 years), but she would be there for you before you could say her name.

This was hard because I am so fortunate to have many, many good and loving friends. (There are also funny, and laughter is very important to me)

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This one's very easy but very difficult at the same time. How to choose?

Okay, Dale my friend for 33 years, I met her a few years after arriving in Canada and we've been through it all together.

Next would be Ann, 20 years for this one and several crisis on both sides,

If I can only have 3 then the last one is Mary Jo. She was a new friend when I was diagnosed and she stuck around through it all and took me and my bald head out whenever I felt up to it.

My apologies for all the ones I had to leave out. I love 'em all.


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Chris, (the beer lover fellow I've talked about lately); Dave & Jo (they come as a team for providing support -- prepared meals mysteriously show up on my porch from these two from time to time, plus lots of phone support as they don't exactly live that close to me); Deb (helped me a lot with patient advocacy with my dad and supports me personally now) -- let's not forget the sum total of LCSC somewhere in here......

Haven't really had any crises in my life, until fairly recently!

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