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Need to hear fr nsclc stage iv w/mets to liver, lymph nodes


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Hello everyone.

I am hoping to hear from anyone with a case similar to my Father's. He has stage iv nsclc with mets to liver, lymph nodes and possibly brain.

He has had 4 rounds of radiation and is extremely weak. He has really bad heartburn that they attribute to the tumor being so close to his esophagus. He doen't eat very well as every time he does, he deals with the burping and a lot of pain. We try to get him to drink Boost or something like it but he doesn't seem to receptive--YET. He was hospitalized yesterday as he was just to weak to continue with his treatments from home. I feel a lot better about him being in the care of a hospital.

It is either the morphine that he is on, or there could be cancer is his brain too as the last couple of days he has become confused and somewhat forgetful.

I am hoping that there is someone out there with a similar case that I could speak with. I am really worried about him. He is only 46 years old and I am not ready to lose him yet!

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I'm sorry that I don't have any advice to offer but wanted to send some prayers your way. Hang in there. I can tell you that my mom is currently on moriphine and (to find some humor) COMPLETELY WACKED OUT!! She's very forgetful and disoriented to say the least. They gave her some tarvol or tarvodol (sp?) which seemed to work on the pain and not drug her conciousness anymore. Keep us posted.

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