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Thank you Ann


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Thank you so much for your nice words. The GTKY posts are something I really enjoy doing. I believe it brings us closer together, as we learn more about each other. I also think it creates a well needed diversion when we need something other than illness to think about. I'm so glad you enjoy them!!!

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God Bless you Ann. You are such a special person. I may not always know what to say to your question, but I look forward to them... I borrowed a couple to share with another board I belong to. I'm sure you have said before, but do you make these up yourself? Thanks for the diversion which is much needed at times.

Love ,


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Many cudos to you Ann. Half the time I wonder how you come up with everything you ask in GTKY questions -- excellent questions to keep us knowing more about each other (even if I don't know what to say on some of them). And where you find more than a few of your funnies (Frank too, on the regular funnies thing)...you really keep things going in fine form....I surely know I couldn't moderate this forum anywhere close to what you do. I look forward to coming in here because of your constant input..... because what you do sustains me on many days when I just need to put the LC aside and laugh, and think about something else, even if just for a tiny bit.

Thanks so much for what you do,


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