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More promising vaccine news

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This would be great if something comes of it. From my previous understanding, research has been looking at specific targets for different cancers. If there is a universal one, this would be obviously better.

Thanks for the post. BTW - University of Maryland was working on a blood test for lung cancer based on Telemerase (sp?)

Thanks for the post

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Peggy H,

Yes, thanks a lot for the VERY interesting post! I had just received the same information from a BAC-only group I belong to and was going to list the URL, but you had already done so! Approaches such as this offer a lot of HOPE, and I am eager that they be available to help us SOON!

You, John, Marlon, Cary, and others have posted some very provoking web addresses for new, unusual or some would perhaps say contoversial approaches to cancer treatment that "think-outside-the-box". I wonder if we can somehow get them all listed in one place. Right now, they are all over the board and unless one knows a key word or a "key" person (for example, John's posts sometimes just state the URL and don't have a subject with them) it can be hard to access them. Not criticizing here, folks, just thinking out loud. Anyone else interested or have suggestions?

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I just received yet another vaccine news story, here's an except: "The technology is aimed at a group of cancers that include lung cancer, liver cancer, kidney cancer, head and neck cancer, breast cancer, melanoma, prostate cancer, colorectal cancer, and cervical cancer. These cancers are characterized by defects in the cellular, antigen presentation pathway, which results in the cancers becoming invisible to the immune system. . . GeneMax's lead technology increases the activity of the antigen presentation pathway thus providing sufficient information to the immune system to cause rejection and elimination of tumors from the body."

Here's the web site with the full story:

http://www.biospace.com/news_story.cfm? ... =1&print=1

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