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Getting to Know You - June 14


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I'm sure that all of us have a ton of "little things" that really get on our nerves. Here's mine...add yours.

People that take up the entire aisle at the supermarket by parking their carts in the middle.

People that sit at a green light and wait for it to turn red, rather than ever going.

All these car dealership commercials that all seem to come at the same time on television.

Solicitors...need I say more????

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Las Vegas TV commercials.

People who think that grocery shopping at 9pm should be a family affair - mom, dad and several very tired children are not who I want blocking the aisles.

Pushy sales people.

I could go on and on and on.......

Short on patience these days!!


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People who, in traffic, act like you are glow worm (when you are doing the posted speed limit), pass you fast, cut you off to get in front of you, then make a right turn at the next intersection which is only yards away (or, better yet....get stopped at the next red light with you....if they bother to stop for red, that is)!

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People that have OVER 10 items at the Express aisle.

People that don't have their money ready at the cash register - like "oh, wait, I have to find my wallet"-like it's a SURPRISE that you have to pay?

Drivers that ride their brakes.

Drivers that stop because they THINK the light is going to change to orange.

Drivers that do not pull up into the intersection to make a left turn but stay in front of the light for 3 light changes without moving.

Passive-aggressive people. - Spit it out, don't make me have to THINK what you are really meaning.

Drivers that do not PULL up at a drive-in for fast food, bank etc. Okay, I know that it doesn't really make a difference if you pull up that car length but I want to FEEL like I'm moving so get your *ss in gear and hug that bumper of the car in front of you.

Cashiers that do not say thank you, have a nice day, etc. I am in Customer Service and have to be frigging nice all day long, the least YOU can do is say thank you for my money.

Drivers that are too nice, waving people in front of them, etc. I'm not in a popularity contest, I'm driving my car, so get out of my way and wait your turn.

Landlords that want to rent you houses that you wouldn't raise farm animals in- do you think, because I choose to rent, that I want to live like a slob?

People who cut ahead of you in line.

Having to wait anywhere for over what I deem a reasonable amount of time.


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People who smoke at the entrances of shopping malls, grrrrrrrrr. Rack off and go do it somewhere else!!

Nigerian scam emails of which I get about 20 a week. Are there still people out there getting sucked in by these??


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