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I had an appointment with my oncologist and radiation oncologist today. They took an Xray. Guess what folks...its clear!!! Of course a radiologist will read it and I will hear from that next week. My oncologist wants to release me and have my PCP check me yearly with x-rays, but the radiation oncologist wants to have one more 6 months check and xray. They both said my chances are great at this point and not worth trying to put a percentage on chances of it coming back. They said that there is a 5% chance of a new cancer, because I have already proven I am prone to it, but that this one coming back is far less than that.

Needless to say I am very happy. I know it has been only with your support that I have made it this far. Prayers are so very important and you all shared yours with me. Also, I have stayed sane (well mostly sane) during this last 3 years and 4 months because of your help.

I love all of you sooo very much. Thank you.


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