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Congratulations Katie and Rick!!!!!!!


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I am so very happy to announce that Katie and Rick have been inducted into the Strike Out Cancer Hall of Fame after being chosen by a panel of judges from quite a few nominees in the Dallas area. (Katie and Rick were originally nominated by members from this board.)

So this coming Tuesday, the Texas Rangers are going to host Strike Out Cancer Day at a pre-game ceremony and our own Katie and Rick are going to be honored as the 2nd inductees into the Hall of Fame. And get this- this is another neat part- one of them is going to throw out the first pitch, and the other one is going to catch it in front of thousands of Ranger fans. (No pressure Katie :shock: ) Is THAT neat or what??

Anyway, I couldn't wait to post this, and let you all know about it. I know that Katie and Rick don't like to call attention to themselves, so I thought I would post this for them. Congratulations you two!!!


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It is so nice to get a ray of sunshine on this dark gloomy sad day we are having here. SHOW US THE HEEEAAATTTTTTTTTT Ya'll :lol::lol::lol:

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WOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I'm gonna let all my friends down in that area know so that maybe, just maybe, there will be someone there i know that can take pictures for me!!!! AWESOME! And well-deserved!

xoxo...and for all you do and extra x and o

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You and Rick have worked SO HARD day in and day out, and you have given SO MUCH to people that have been thusted into the lung cancer journey. Where would most of us be without this AWESOME, WONDERFUL, SUPER, SUPPORT BOARD??


Thanks Debi and all you wonderful people for making this wonderful moment happen for TWO WELL DESERVED FRIENDS!!

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