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Does this seem normal to you?


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OK...so I am probably overly concerned for nothing...my dad is getting excellent care at Mayo. He goes home on the weekends, so he is on his way home right now, and I am just worried.

He finished round 4 of chemo, the last one...has three radiation treatments left...he is beyond tired. He just sleeps and sleeps, and he coughs and coughs...getting so much phlegm that he cannot even fit any more into his mouth (gross I know!...sorry!). This then makes him feel like vomiting...and he get the heaves. His muscles ache from the heaves, and then he gets tired. He can't eat or drink very well, and thus we are worried about dehydration.

He had 1.5 hours of hydration IV on Wednesday night. That helped. In addition he had Kytril(?) IV that night as well. That helped with the nausea. However, last night...back to the same old, same old.

Is this just "part of the process?" typical? He has been SO good up until this last week. We realize he is almost at the end of treatments, but gosh...oh yeah..one other thing...the phlegm tastes and smells TERRIBLE!

Let me know your thoughts! Thanks!

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So sorry your dad is having a rough time right now. I know you said he is having problems eating but DO try to push the fluids so that he does not get dehydrated (gatorade or popsicles???) I've heard others talk about Mucinex to help with a bothersome cough. It is an over the counter med that is supposed to help thin out the phlegm. Don't know if this would help or not but it could not hurt to try.

Good luck, hopefully he will feel better getting to rest in his own bed.


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Try the mucinex 2 times a day to thin out the mucus. Contact the lung doctor to see what other options might be available. We've been using a nebulizer which seems to make Tony cough more, but brings a lot of junk up with it. I also noticed that he got so weak from the chemo/radiation that the coughing wasn't strong enough to expel a lot of the junk and the nebulizer helped with that problem. Have him sleep propped on a few pillows. Please double-check with the lung specialist to help ease his problem. Sorry he isn't feeling too well. The hydration thing is a real problem too -- I think that being well hydrated helps thin the mucus too. Problem is getting them to drink enough fluid -- haven't been able to fix that issue in my own house yet.

Best of luck


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Alan still has the same problem even after almost a

year after treatment. As Katie said, cold compresses

help. I even turn the air conditioner on full blast

during the winter to help out with this. Sorry your dad is going through this. Prayers he gets some symptom relief

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