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Delay brochoscopy, No official Dx. no treatment

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My Dad's bronchoscopy is dalayed for 1 week because he needs to let aspirin and plavix leave his system. The PET scan shows a small mass and 2 nodes, but there is still no official diagnosis. He does not want treatment but a lot of options can not be pursued until there is an official diagnosis. One nurse said it looks like a very aggressive cancer and the end may come in just weeks.

Hospital says he can go home soon. But, home is not ready. I read here about pallative care. No dx no hospice. is that true?

Mom yelled at nurse yesterday. (good for her. It was deserved) Nurse had wrong patient. Nurse said go home in 4 hours.

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Hi Gwen: if your dad does not want treatment, that is the way it has to be. But if he says that because he thinks he is going to die soon, I think he may be wrong and so is that nurse for telling you he may have weeks left. How could she possilbly know if it is aggressive if there has not been a biopsy and there is no history of tracking the cancer? I thinkk your dad should reconsider not having tratment since he may have a long wait if he is waiting to die. From what you describe so far, the cancer is not widespread. I hope you get some answers soon.

Don M

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I read your other post too about being home with no support plan established from hospital: the social worker at the hospital who was responsible for seeing to this matter dropped the ball, BIG TIME. As Ry suggested in the other thread, contact the hospital and the doctor who were responsible for your dad's care.

If your dad truly ends up choosing no treatment and wants hospice, he will need a doctor's official recommendation/referral for that.


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