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In recent phase III randomized trials of lung cancer patients treated with

chemoradiation therapy, amifostine(Ethyol) significantly reduced acute pneumonitis

from 23% to 3.7% (P = .037), without any reduction in tumoricidal activity.


Pentoxifylline with vitamin E has recently been shown to cause

regression of RT-induced fibrosis.




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I had exquisite ear pain from the cisplatin and vp-16 on the first round of chemo, and my oncologist recommended ethyol (amifosdine) to protect my ears/hearing, as it was originally designated to provide some protection to the kidneys during chemo. I had a wonderful experience with ethyol, my hearing loss was minimized (hearing loss is a sizeable risk with cisplatin, I am told), the ear pain was reduced and eventually subsided to mere chronic tinnitis. From what I am reading here, the protective effects are not restricted to kidneys and ears. If I hadn't asked the oncologist, I don't know he would have thought to offer me the option.

ASK QUESTIONS!!! Be proactive in your own treatment. You are a partner in your treatments, a part of the team.

I believe that ethyol prevented me from having to wear a hearing aid after recovery. Ask your oncologist. Ask, Ask, Ask.


Thankful to be here.

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