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Prayers are much needed


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Please pray for our friend Tonya, my husband met her several months ago during their chemo treatments. I saw her today at the cancer center, and am very sad, she is not doing good at all. She is only 38 years old and has metatastic breast cancer and is in so much pain right now.

Her fight has been a difficult one since I met her, she was living in a homeless shelter with her 3 year old daughter, getting away from an abusive relationship. Now she is in a long-term nursing facility and her little girl is with her godmother. She told me she gave guardianship to her godmother and her daughter now lives about an hour away. But she is a fighter! like so so many, but she knows she doesn't have much longer and is very upset she can't complete certain things right now, such as financially and dealing with her husband about her daughter.

I didn't cry in front of her, but held her hand in mine as she held a picture of her and her little girl. I pray to God to take away her pain, I told her to have faith and that the doctor will take care of her pain.....


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