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Mississippi Yellow Mud


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Toby and Marsha 2 Hill billies got married and rented a shack by the ol Mississippi for there honey moon. Evening fell and Marsha still had not come to the wedding bed and poor ol Toby got worried and went searching for Marsha only to find her setting out in back of the Shack.

Toby noticed Marsha had a very sad look on her face so he asked her what was a bothering her and why had she not come to bed. Marsha looked up with tears in her eyes and told him that she was embarrased to come to bed because he might notice that her toes were spread out real bad from when she were a little girl and used to come to the river and walk around in that old yeller mud bare foot and that caused her toes to spread so badly. Toby assured her that he would not poke fun at her toes and loved her and to come to bed.

Well the next morning Marsha awoken to find her dear sweet Toby not in bed. So she went a looking for him and found Toby down by the river with head in hand's a moaning and a groaning. Marsha rushed over to him enquiring what was wrong and her dear sweet Toby looked up at his dear sweet Marsha and asked " Marsha when you was a little girl a coming down to the river did you use to sat alot in that old yeller mud???

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