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Father's Day


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This is our 3rd (in Sept. my dad will have been gone 3 years) and it isn't any easier, really.

Perhaps if I had been busy like the past father's days, the sting wouldn't have been so sharp- but Rick is out of town on business and we didn't "do" anything for him for father's day, so I was left alone and thinking about my dad all day today.

It's still hard. Guess it always will be.

It's father's day and I am thinking...I don't have a father.....

Went to the cemetary today to put flowers. They have begun something new at the National Cemetary and that is to line the walkways with flag poles with memorial plaques on them.

Mom and I decided that we were going to save up to buy daddy one of those flags and plaques. He was so patriotic, I think he'd like that.

It's not the same, never will be, but I hope he sees us from heaven. I hope he knows how missed his is, I hope he sees all the changes that have happened since he's been gone and I hope he watches out for us.

His little girl still needs him.

Happy father's day to all the dads out there...treasure your children. While this day is for you, it's for US too! It's our chance to show and tell you how much you are loved!


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We had a very rough day here, also. How do you live without your daddy when you are only 19 and 13? I can't imagine what my kids are going through. This really sucks! We couldn't even figure out what to do. I ended up spending several hours cleaning the pool and sidewalks. The girls spent most of the day in the house and doing other things rather than swimming. We always spent Father's Day in the pool with Charlie playing water volleyball, shooting basketball (Little Tikes basketball goal on the edge of the pool) and cooking out. We did buy a new volleyball/basketball set yesterday in his memory and Amanda and I briefly tried it out this afternoon. Just very difficult.

Katie: So sorry you had such a difficult day, too.


Don't know what we would do if we didn't have this wonderful website to help us through. Such caring and generous people/family here. Take care.

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Beautiful post Katie,

No, I don't think it does get any


I still miss my father as much as I did

the first Father's Day he was gone,

the only difference for me is the shock

factor that I had the first time.

I'm a true believer that your father

knows full well that you have been

thinking of him all day and he knows

how much you love and miss him.

I hope you start feeling better tomorrow

but today let your feelings flow, it's

good for us to let it out sometimes


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(((Katie))))......This was my first Father's Day without my dad - it was harder than I had even imagined. I tried to be upbeat for my husband's sake, but it was so hard. My dad and I collected beanie bears together so I took a Father's Day bear to his grave and left it there. My mom called me today and wanted to know if I wanted her to remove it tomorrow because if it rained, it would get messed up and she doesn't want his grave looking "sloppy". That hurt more than you can imagine. It's hard enough that my dad isn't here but my mom's insensitivity amazes me. My dad loved his bears as much as I do and I think he would want it there. It kind of makes me feel like he is being looked after when I can't be there. I know that sounds kind of dumb, but it gives me some comfort. Here's wishing everyone peace and good memories of their lost loved ones on this Father's Day.

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Wish I would have logged on yesterday, so I could haven given you a cyber hug..You and a couple other of our LC friends were in my thoughts as well..Fathers day is so hard to get through, and we know will always be..I get very envious of those that can celebrate thier dads :cry: , so instead I celebrate my husband with my kids..It just doesnt have the same sentiment though...Hope your feeling better today..


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After all these years without my dearest Dad, Father's Day is still very hard for me, too. My Dad has been gone for many years now. My heart breaks for all of you that have recently lost husbands and fathers.

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I really understand Katie. I had been dreading this day for weeks now. I went to his grave on Saturday and left a World's Greatest Dad balloon and a card from me and one from the kids. I cried like a baby out there, it hurt so much not to have him with me this weekend. Went to church on Sunday cried again, Dad was always with me at church. I spent 42 Father's Days with my Dad, and my first one without him was very very difficult.

I too hope he knows how much he is missed. How much we loved him and what a great father he was to me. I have just finished the book "We are their Heaven, Why The Dead Never Leave Us" by Allison DuBois. It was a very comforting book for me to read this weekend. I'm always looking for signs from my Dad.

Thanks for sharing your grief with us Katie. It helps to know that others are feeling the same way. So many people think we should be over our grief.


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Father's Day was sad for me, too. Like many of you, this was my first one without my dad. It was so hard to go and buy a card for my husband, and not for my dad.....so I bought one for him from his grandbaby. Very sad, even though I know he is always watching over us.

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Dear Katie

As I read the second part of your posting I began to cry. I guess it really does not matter if your father dies a month or three years it is always the same feelings, emotions and hopes. I felt like oh look someone who feel's exactly how I do. That we are not alone and that there are other's who feels exactly like we do. It truly helps.

We will always be daddy's little girls and they will always be with us.

God Bless all.

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OH Katie,

Your dad can be nothing but proud. YOu have done amazing things with this site, with lung cancer awareness, and with just being a great daughter! May God give you peace at this time of Father's Day, and may you have that peace in your heart.

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Dear Katie,

This was my first......and as I read all the responses....it seems the sorrow doesent change. I wished you lived near by when I read your post, my husband also was out of town and my two kids (17,19) were here.......it was such a sad day. My Dad has only been gone 7 weeks, but there are days I feel it has been so long since I have seen him. Having this site to share my feelings with has helped me in so many ways. Your Dad must be so very proud of all you have done.

love, NancyT

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