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Pain after clear scan?


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My dad had a clear scan on 8/18. He is still in bad pain in the bones that had the mets. They started him on Zometa 2 cycles, and he is on Iressa. Has anyone had these same problems? Could this be side effects from the drugs? He told me he is just tired of hurting and thought that he would be feeling better by now. He is in the same pain as the day he was diagnosed. If anyone has any advice let me know. Thanks in advance.


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Yes, Donnie, my wife still has pain in her hip and sometimes her upper back, where two main bone mets were. She completed chemo and radiation last May. She still has to take some morphine for the pain, and is presently on Zometa. She was on Iressa but got pneumonia, and we think that is a direct cause, so she is not taking that now. She is doing well at the moment (diag. 10/02). Don

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