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advice anyone ?


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hi i need some advice I have 2 lung nodules in my rt lung moitored for 3 years now no growth my mom died at 47 of adenocarcinoma rt lung so they are watching me for 2 more years but for the past 3 years hey did it every six months now they want me to wait a year once a year for next 2 years so im at 6 month mark now and i dont feel comfortable waitong til the year mark am i being unreasonably cautious? do u think i should take advice and just wait the full year out? well thanks all bye :D

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Laurene, this is the protocal for nodules. What they are offering you is very normal. Your insurance may not pay otherwise. Being you don't have lung cancer, or any other kind of cancer, this protocal is six months for 3 years and yearly after that for one or two years. Some doctor's can push one or two through but as I said, your insurance might not approve. Check with your insurance.

Please go and read the posts under Nodules(In the General Forum). I know we have shared this information with you a few times before, as did the Experts months back with you, but I know how it is to forget things. :roll::wink:

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