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Good News!


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Mom's onc. said there are no signs of cancer shown in her scans. He said there was a "small spot" that is probably scar tissue from the radiation. Her next appt is in three months to see how she's feeling. He does not plan to do scan for 6 months unless she's feeling bad. I feel very releived that her cancer in not back. Thanks for all your support and prayers! Does anyone else have a "small spot" on their lung? Also, is it normal to go 6 months without scans?

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Your Mom's tests sound AWESOME. Please give her a hug for me ((())). There is a time table for checkups, ask the doctor when he wants to see her and write it down so you know. I'm so, so GLAD for good news for your Mom. Tell her I'm four years out and going strong.

Joanie (((())))

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Yes on both counts.

I have a small spot on my lung which is assumed to be scar tissue, no one's is the least concerned about it.

The first time I went 6 months without a scan I felt almost abandoned, no check for that long, what if something just gets enormous in the meantime, what if, what if......the list goes on. But, going 6 months is a good sign that the drs are sure that there's no need to worry.

Wonderful news for you all, enjoy!


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I am so happy for your mom. Congratulations. I think you are lucky to have scans in 6 months. I think in the U.S that is normal. Here in Canada, they won't do scans unless you are not feeling good! Consider yourself lucky.

All my best to your mom.



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Great news about your mom. Yes, Joel has a couple of small nodules on his right lung. So small they are not worried about it, they will just watch it in his scans.

Very normal, don't worry about it at all.

Maryanne :wink:

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Great news!!!!! :D

I have small cell cancer of the cervix, which "behaves" like small cell lung cancer, and I just had scans Monday after a 5 month wait. So, I wouldn't worry too much about scans in 6 months, as they probably feel confident that your mom is alright to wait that long.

Again, so happy to hear your good news!

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Totally awesome :D

Six month wait is normal, my doctor says

when the scan is so clean there is no reason

to take one in three months because on the

off chance that something would be there it wouldn't

show up for at least six months.

Good news for you and your family :D


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Great news

I am one of those that does not like to wait the 6 mos. I had a scan in Nov 2002 and all was clear. In Feb 2003 my scan showed a 5 cm tumor in the L lung. It grew that fast.

I have been clean now since 2003 so they now do a CXR then 3 mos later a CT then 3mos a CXR, also I get bld work with each visit.


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