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Alan's Cancer is back


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Dr. confirmed today that Alan's cancer is back :cry: Trying to get him

in for PET Scan by end of week to determine if cancer

has spread outside his lung.

Dr. has a game plan in place for both scenerio's, so

now Alan and I are praying that at the very least the

cancer stays confined to his lung.

I will keep everyone updated on the PET Scan.

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I am so, so sorry. This sucks...plain and simple. I wills ay a prayer for you.

Dear Lord, please bless Alan and Debbie with peace at this difficult time. I ask that you work your will, and bless them with healing, supportive friends and family, and successful doctors.

God bless you Debbie and Alan too.


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Guest kathleen

Debbie, I am sorry to hear this news. BUT I do think it is a very good thing that his doctor has a game plan - that means he's on top of things. I'm thinking of you and sending prayers your way. Please keep us informed.


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